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• Payments Accepted - We accept Cash, Credit Card, Venmo, or PayPal. We do not take personal checks or money orders. If you don’t pay we don’t scoop.


• Lapsed Scoop due to no payment or cancellation - If your scoop day is skipped due to non-payment please call us so we can get this resolved. If your scoop date lapses over a two week period due to non-payment or cancellation and you decide you want to continue our service we will have to charge a first time fee of $49.95 before you'll be eligible for the weekly or bi-weekly discount.  


• Late Payment - If payment is more than two weeks behind your service will be discontinued until the account has been paid current. We understand that “Life Happens” please contact us so we can work out a plan if you do become behind.


• Service Cancellation - If you choose to cancel your service and then renew in the future you will be charged the first time fee of $49.95 before you'll be eligible for the weekly or bi-weekly discount again. We reserve the right to cancel your serve at any time. We will give you at least a 7 days notice.


• Garbage Canister - We ask that the owner provide a garbage bin. We no longer dispose the waste ourselves due to issues with the dump yards.


• Access - We require reasonable access to your yard. You must have an unlocked gate or a fence or any easy access to your yard. Unfortunately we can not operate on everyone's schedule to allow access. If your gate is locked we will not hop the fence or enter the home. Please unlock it, leave combination, or key on scoop day. We will re-lock it on our way out. 

Gates left open - Our #1 rule is that we will NEVER leave a gate open when we leave. We will check it twice before we leave. 

Broken Gate - If one of our staff come across a broke gate we will secure it with zip ties if possible and notify you. We will only do this once. If we come back the next scheduled scoop and the gate hasn’t been fixed we will not scoop you. Our staff will not hop your gate.

• If we can’t see it we can’t scoop it - If your lawn is overgrown or covered in leaves we CAN’T ensure a full clean-up.

• Trampoline & Deck - If your dog goes #2 under a trampoline or under your deck we will NOT be able to scoop under there. Please move trampoline prior to our arrival to ensure that area can be cleaned.  

• Holidays - If your scoop day lands on a holiday then your scoop will be done either the day before or the day after, this is up to our discretion and we’ll notify you of your altered scoop day. 


• Vacation - Since we are small self-starting company we reserve the right to shut down scooping services for vacation. We will notify you in advance if this happens. You will not be charged if this happens. Again we are super loyal to our customers but we also need time off. :)

• Skipping Scoop Day - We reserve the right to skip your scoop day only if access to your yard is blocked, location is deemed unsafe by our technician, frozen or broken gate, any dog(s) in the yard that were not approved beforehand, or behind two weeks or more on payment. 

Unattended Dogs in yard - LA Poop Scoop started this company because we are dog lovers down to the core, but we will not enter a yard if the dogs are outside and are unattended from the owner. This is for the safety of our staff.

Neighborhood Watch - If you have neighbors that watch’s your home please inform them that you will be serviced by LA Poop Scoop. We as a company have much respect for Law Enforcement, but do not enjoy them being called on us.


Weather Policy

Rain - Scooping will be canceled

Lightning - Scooping will be canceled

Flooding - Scooping will be canceled

Heavy Snow - Scooping will be canceled


Winter Policy

If we can see it we can scoop it - During the winter months it can be difficult to see poop in the snow. Never fear though, LA Poop Scoop is still here. It might be more difficult to see during the winter season we will still come out and scoop. Please do understand that we can only scoop what we can see. If we miss anything we will clean it the following week once the snow melts it becomes more visible. Please understand we will not go on a search and destroy mission to dig up or ice pick any poop that is not visible during winter season.

Snow Day - Our scooping services shall be completed on your scheduled day as long as there isn’t any freezing rain or excessive snow on the ground. If a “Snow Day” is called you will be notified by one of our staff members and we will reschedule to come out the following day.

Frozen gate - If gate is frozen shut your scoop day will be skipped and you’ll be serviced on your next scheduled scoop. We will not charge you if we can't scoop.

Gate blocked by snow - If can't open your gate due to snow blocking it your scoop day will be skipped. Our staff doesn’t shovel snow, but we can refer you to someone local that can.

We only Accept

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